Case study


Panther srl


approx. 51

Sports and safety shoes


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


The customer currently uses 2 Management systems:

one for managing production APACHE.

one for managing accounting ACGV4.

The customer needed to unify all business functions under a single ERP, in order to optimally integrate the performance of all internal processes and to improve planning, programming and control activities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was chosen because it fulfilled all customer needs, as well as improve the exchange of information between the various company roles, by providing a valuable data analysis support to management. The project development followed the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step certified methodology which involves the division into four separate steps that cover the entire life-cycle: analysis, design, development and release.

Benefits obtained

Single ERP for multiple management areas

Company data always available


Improved information exchange

Future developments

The unified management of the entire Supply Chain through a single tool will enable the digitalisation of production and verticalisation of the customer’s sector and the integration of a new external warehouse in the company logistics. Moreover, 365BC is expected to be extended to other companies abroad.

More specifically, functional APPs will be provided to Panther and in general in the footwear sector such as:

Facilitated production scheduling

Facilitated order entry by size (input mask)

DB management with facilitated model item creation and increase/decrease of consumption quantity (by choosing the size)

Consignment Stock

Management and printing of the dies to be used in the material sent to sub-contractors (for subcontracted processing)

Management of the “made in” of the lot

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